January 2021 – Specialized Venge head tube rebuild, 4 cm shorter

My 2011 Specialized Venge is a great bike, I have been riding it for many years. The problem with this bike is the tall head tube of 21 cm. Modern bikes have a much shorter head tube around 17 cm resulting in a much more aero fit of the rider.

I decided to lower the top head tube bearing a massive 4 cm, so cutting time.

Below the situation before the cut. The stem is already at its lowest point.

The image below displays the surgery cutting lines I decided to.

The cut is ready, a massive hole. But still enough carbon left for the frame to keep its structural integrity.

The carbon bearing ring and some supporting carbon from the original head tube has adjusted so it fits inside the shorter head tube.

In the image below its glued back in the head tube, for glue I used a mixture of epoxy, a filler and small carbon fibers.

At this stage of the build I added several layers of carbon inside the head tube to ensure the strength of this construction.

The end result after some more hours of carbon fun. I had to make a new cover plate. Though I don’t think it will keep the water out.

The end result, the overall looks are now very aggressive I think, a bit like the Look frames.

I have ridden the bike a few times, did some massive sprints and no cracks.

The bike is ready for many years of aero fun.


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