December 2020 – Time Trail clincher disc Textreme 28 mm wide – 1340 gram

I am so proud of this wheel. Its a time trail rear disc wheel clincher and its 28 mm wide. I wanted to make a 28 mm wide disc wheel so I can fit a 28 mm tire Continental 5000 on the rim and the tire is not wider as the rim. The result of this setup is that the line from the Canyon Speedmax 2020 frame to the tire to the disc is 1 perfect line, so very aerodynamic (I have a picture of this on this post). And a 28 mm wide tire is very comfortable to ride they say, though I don’t care so much about this.

I bought a rim in China without spoke holes. My PMI foam plates are 21 mm thick, so I had to glue 2 plates to each other and then mill the 2 plates to 28 mm. Then glue the rim on the PMI foam core. Fill up the gap between the rim and the core.

The first layer of carbon on the flanks is the 100 gr/m2 uni directional carbon fiber I use in all my wheels.

Then later on I added this Textreme 160 gr/m2 layer on both sides, I really like the bling bling factor. And this Textreme carbon is really easy to work with, I will use it more in my future wheels. I think I will make a track rear wheel with this stuff, will look awesome on the track.

I will add ride pics and test results later on because its wet outside, I must wait for dry days before I take this baby out for a spin.

Recently I added a brake surface on the wheel, I did not trust the great squares so much when braking hard.



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